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Large-scale Homogenization of Bulk Materials in Mammoth Silos

Author: Schott, D.L.
Promotor: Vlasblom, W.J. · Lodewijks, G.
Faculty:Design, Engineering and Production
ISBN: 90-9018116-4
Keywords: silo · homogenization · homogenizing · blending · compression · screw conveyor · bulk · powder · particulate solids
Rights: (c) 2004 D.L. Schott


This doctoral thesis concerns the large-scale homogenization of bulk materials in mammoth silos. The objective of this research was to determine the best stacking and reclaiming method for homogenization in mammoth silos. For this purpose a simulation program was developed to estimate the homogenization performance of different stacking and reclaiming methods.
Extensive attention is paid to modeling of the fluctuations in the input properties of bulk material since these fluctuations are the main reason for applying homogenization. Furthermore, this research comprises experiments with a screw conveyor on a free surface.

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