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Business model development for customer-oriented housing renovation

Author: Mlecnik, E. · Kondratenko, I. · Haavik, T.
Faculty:OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment
Department:OTB Research
Type:Article in monograph or in proceedings
Source:A3 Holistic renovation. A3.1
Rights: (c)2012 Mlecnik, E., Kondratenko, I., Haavik, T.


Processes for ambitious energyefficient housing renovation are at present often too fragmented between many SMEs and clients have difficulties handling all information. This brings communication, planning, coordination and execution problems. It is also difficult for customers to find single responsible parties offering integrated housing renovation as a service. Since innovative client-oriented services are already emerging in various European countries, also Belgian enterprises should explore business development opportunities for more client-oriented housing renovation.
The potential for so-called “One Stop Shops” that unburden the customer was explored in a European project, which led to defining tools for business modeling of customeroriented integrated housing renovation services. The developed tools and new networking methods were recently used in the international “Business Zoo” workshop to explore business development opportunities and barriers together with Belgian and international enterprises. The experiences of ten working groups during this workshop are explained in this paper. The working groups detected various opportunities and barriers for Belgian business model development for integrated housing renovation as a clientoriented service. They developed initial business model canvases for integrated housing renovation.

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