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Hydraulic survey Barambai, South Kalimantan

Author: Roelse, K.
Mentor: Segeren, W.A. · Verwey, S.A. · Kerssens, P. · De Vries, I. · Van de Kuur, P.
Faculty:Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Department:Hydraulic Engineering
Type:Master thesis
Keywords: Kalimantan · Barambai · survey
Rights: (c) 1986 Roelse, K.


The present report deals with the data collected during the survey period form March 11th until March 21th 1986. Elaboration of the survey (analysis, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations of the results) will be elucidated in a separate paper. Chapter 2 deals with the set-up of the survey. Chapter 3 gives a description of the actual situation in Barambai and the results of the water quality measurements. Locations of and periods during which water-levels and velocities were measured are described in chapter 4 and 5. The results of the simultaneous acidity measurements are presented in chapter 6. Chapter 7 contains the results of the electric conductivity measurements and last but not least a description of the levelling and benchmarks is given.

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