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Design of a control strategy for optimal operation of an autonomous distributed generation system for electricity and heat

Author: Velez, V.
Mentor: Paap, G.C. · Ramirez-Elizondo, L.
Faculty:Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Department:Electrical Sustainable Energy Department
Programme:Electrical Power Systems group
Type:Master thesis
Keywords: autonomous distributed generation system · control strategy · distributed energy management system · energy hub · multiple energy carriers
Rights: (c) 2010 Velez, V.


The increasing demand for developments in energy efficiency, the emerging distributed generation technologies like CHP units, the strong development of alternative energy sources such as wind energy, the aim to achieve low production costs, and the new environmental regulations that ask for greenhouse emission reductions are just a few of the reasons to create innovative approaches in the energy generation field and its management. Furthermore, the current trend towards systems that integrate generation of different forms of energy has created options for improving systems efficiency, through synergies among the transportation, conversion and storage capabilities of multiple energy carriers.

The operation of distributed generation units is performed by a dedicated system named Distributed Energy Management System (DEMS). This is configured as a modular system made of Forecast and Prognosis module, Optimization module, and Control module. This MSc project aims at study the DEMS’s control module in order to visualize entirely the performance and behavior of an autonomous distributed generation system for electricity and district heat supply which operates under DEMS.

The result of this project is a stable, robust and appropriately simple as possible control strategy that satisfies the aims established for the DEMS. This control strategy performs according to the optimal operation points determined by the Optimization module, maintaining the energy demand of electricity and heat properly satisfied every time.

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