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Representing Collaboration in Concurrent Design Process by Using BPMN2.0 Modelling Language: Whether collaboration issues can be better learned and benefited by using BPMN2.0 modelling language in concurrent design process of ESA projects?

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Author: Zhang Hao, H.
Mentor: Kolfschoten, G. L. · Bots, P.W.G. · Brazier, F.M.
Faculty:Technology, Policy and Management
Department:Multi Actor Systems, System Engineering
Programme:Engineering and Policy Analysis
Type:Master thesis
Embargo lifted:2011-08-31
Keywords: Collaboration · Concurrent Design · FRMC · BPMN 2.0 · Collaboration Model
Rights: (c) 2011 Zhang Hao


This MSc research intends to use modelling method to represent collaboration system and develop improvement suggestions. The represented collaboration system is under the background of concurrent design process in ESA design projects. The whole research can be mainly separated into three parts. The first part is related to explore suitable collaboration model to represent collaboration system. The outcome of the first research part is the FRMC. The second part is related to use BPMN2.0 to represent the collaboration system in concurrent design process of ESA projects. The outcomes of the second research part are BPMN2.0 collaboration model and the argument about whether BPMN2.0 can effectively represent the collaboration in concurrent design process. The third part is related to the utility of collaboration models. The outcome of the third research part is improvement suggestions to the collaboration system in concurrent design process of ESA projects regarding to its current collaboration challenges and collaboration modelling results.