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The DSO and residential energy efficiency; a good match? An analysis of the potential role of a distribution system operator in the residential energy efficiency field

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Author: Gottenbos, G.C.
Mentor: De Vries, L.J. · Kunneke, R.W. · Weijnen, M.P.C. · Van Werven, M.J.N.
Faculty:Technology, Policy and Management
Department:Energy and industry
Type:Master thesis
Embargo lifted:2011-04-08
Keywords: residential energy efficiency · distribution system operator · energy transition · market positioning
Rights: (c) 2011 Gottenbos, G.C.


Residential energy efficiency is an increasingly important notion in light of the increasing energy prices and increased focus on an environmentally sustainable society. DSO’s have the potential to make a great contribution to the field based on their unique market position, but are held back by regulation and market opposition. This article explores the strategic possibilities, that a DSO has in making a contribution while identifying and taking into consideration the most important goals and constraints such as economic and regulatory feasibility. This has resulted in a framework that can be used as a guiding tool in the search for a viable role of a DSO and the conclusion that a DSO can make the best contribution by actively aiming at non-consumer stakeholders in the residential energy efficiency field.