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The Super Grid: The Social Injections of West Brussels

Author: Khor, M.H.
Mentor: Riedijk, M. · Alkan, A. · Deboutte, N. · Plomp, H.
Department:Public Building
Programme:Public Realm
Type:Master thesis
Keywords: superimposition · social · grid
Rights: (c) 2011 Khor, M.H.


There are 3 forces in uniting Europe, political, economic and social. When European countries are on the march to supranationality, it blurs the national identity, makes people uncertain about the power holders of their destiny, pushing them into withdrawal, either individual and collective. Therefore creating an unbalanced forces in the unity of Europe.

The emergence of the city as a global city, causing political, economic disconnection with the city. The disconnection of the local communities with the global network become a major destabilizing force in the EU cities, ushering in a new type of urban crisis. The citizens are the victims and are being confronted with confrontations on their everyday lives.

To create a more balanced relationship between the 3 forces, therefore social force needs to be further enforced, to create a synergy between the 3 and balancing the forces in the city of Brussels. Also, bringing up the status of the nation state, the identity of the locality and culture.

These social injections will not change but will arguably influence the order of social interaction, and using architecture as a tool to stimulate social connection, provide them with a platform, encourage better communication and enhance social forces.

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