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Airrow: the development of a sliding rigger system

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Author: Van Daalen, T.F.
Mentor: Jansen, A.J. · Minnoye, A.L.M. · Van Bladel, C. · De Voogd, H.
Faculty:Industrial Design Engineering
Department:Design Engineering
Programme:Integrated Product Design
Type:Master thesis
Keywords: rowing · sport
Rights: (c) 2010 Van Daalen, T.F.


A rigger system is a mechanism on a single scull, a fast rowing boat designed for a single person. The system facilitates an optimal row performance accelerating the boat to a considerable speed. In the sport of competitive rowing the traditional sliding seat mechanism is used. Although the system became controversial in competitive rowing, Planeer BV implemented it in the first prototype of the Volans 2, which was targeted at recreational rowers.
This master thesis is about the redesign and development of a new sliding rigger system.