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The Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter: electrical performance of a high voltage prototype

Author: Djairam, D.
Promotor: Smit, J.J.
Faculty:Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
ISBN: 978-90-8559-482-6
Keywords: wind energy · conversion · electrospray · high voltage · generator · converter · electrostatic
Rights: (c) 2008 D. Djairam


Wind energy is converted to electrical energy by letting the wind move charged particles against the direction of an electric field. The advantage of this type of conversion is that no rotational movement, which occurs in conventional wind turbines, is required. An electrostatic wind energy converter (EWICON) has been developed. Charged particles have been created using two spraying methods, electrohydrodynamic atomisation and high pressure monodisperse spraying. Using both methods, wind energy has been converted to electric energy and delivered to an electrical load with positive efficiency.

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