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Method and system for generating maps in an N-dimensional space

Author: Van Oosterom, P.J.M. · Meijers, B.M.
Faculty:OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment
Publisher: European Patent Office
Source:WO 2012144893 (A2)
Rights: (c) 2012 The Author(s)


A method for generating a vario-scale visual representation of n-dimensional objects (together forming a space partition) is presented comprising the steps of - generating a higher and a lower detailed n-dimensional object representation each comprising digital data representing objects by zones in said n-dimensional object representations, said zones being delimited by (n-1)-dimensional boundaries having at least one boundary segment, - positioning the higher and lower detailed object representation in an (n+1)-dimensional space, having in addition to the dimensions of the n-dimensional object representations an additional dimension, wherein the higher and the lower detailed n-dimensional object representations are assigned a first and a second value for said additional dimension respectively, - constructing an (n+1); -dimensional object representation by creating trans-scale boundary segments between mutually corresponding boundary segments in the higher detailed and the lower detailed n-dimensional representation, - determining an intermediate n-dimensional representation by calculating a cross-section between an n-dimensional slicing object and the constructed trans-scale boundaries.

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