Search tips and examples

Simple search

By default all search operations are performed in the descriptions (metadata) of the publications. If you want to search the descriptions and the full text of the publications at the same time select the option "Include full text". Not found what you were looking for? Try searching another repository or use the general search box on top of this page. You can also try searching the TU Delft Pure portal. More information about the TU Delft repository on the website of the TU Delft Library.

Search examples

landslides (execute)
landslides rainfall (execute). Search for landslides AND rainfall.
"rainfall induced landslides" (execute)
scarano (execute)
"zhang j.l." (execute)
harbor OR port (execute). Search for harbor or port.

Exclude search terms

landslides -Philippines (execute). Search for landslides BUT NOT Philippines.

Advanced search

Author search

author:verhagen (execute)
author:"verhagen, h.j." (execute)
author:"van der heijden" (execute)

Contributor search

contributor:verhagen (execute)

Keyword search

subject:sustainability (execute)
subject:"sustainable development" (execute)

Title search

title:mangrove (execute)
title:"flood risk management" (execute)

Year search

year:2016 (execute)

Source search

source:"Rijkswaterstaat Communications" (execute)

Collection search

Institutional Repository - collection:ir (execute)
Conference Proceedings - collection:conference (execute)
Hydraulic Engineering Reports - collection:hydraulic_reports (execute)
Maritime Archive - collection:maritime_archive (execute)

Faculty search

faculty:"Aerospace Engineering" (execute)
faculty:"Applied Sciences" (execute)
faculty:"Architecture and the Built Environment" (execute)
faculty:"Civil Engineering and Geosciences" (execute)
faculty:"Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science" (execute)
faculty:"Industrial Design Engineering" (execute)
faculty:"Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering" (execute)
faculty:"Technology, Policy and Management" (execute)

Combination of search terms

("wing morphology" OR "flapping kinematics") AND aerodynamics (execute)
author:verhagen title:offshore (execute)

Typical search procedure

- Select a repository
- Enter a search term
- Use the filter options in the left column to limit the results to a collection, a document type, a subject, an author or a date (range).