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What is TU Delft Repository?

TU Delft Repository is the digital source of public scientific publications (full text) of TU Delft. The material in a repository comprises a set of bibliographic details and the full-text document. TU Delft Repository makes an important contribution to the national and international profile of TU Delft and the pursuit of knowledge valorisation and internationalisation. The information will be permanently stored for use by future generations. The principle is simple. Researchers themselves place their material in TU Delft Repository. TU Delft repository is also developing and hosting:

TU Delft Repository is an initiative within the nationwide NARCIS portal. NARCIS gives access to scientific information consisting of (open access) publications from all the Dutch universities, KNAW, NWO, and a number of scientific research institutes. The NARCIS portal provides access to more than 433.000 open access publications. More information: www.narcis.nl and www.openaccess.nl

Filing publications in the TU Delft Repository

Check whether you have a signed author's contract with the publisher. This usually gives a good indication of whether you are allowed to file a publication in the TU Delft Repository. You will find an overview with a simple description of reuse policies of publishers of scientific journals at SHERPA/ROMEO Questions concerning copyright can be found at Copyright Centre TU Delft

TU Delft Repository and Delft University Press

Many publications from Delft University Press and its predecessors have been included in TU Delft Repository. The oldest book was published in 1946 by Delftsche Uitgevers Maatschappij. Delft University Press was part of TU Delft Library until 2005 hereafter taken over by IOS Press. TU Delft Repository contains 2.370 Delft University Press publications. The various used terms are:

TU Delft Repository Visitors

TU Delft Repository objects are tracked and used directly from the website, through scientific aggregators as NARCIS, OAIster, Google Scholar, OpenAIRE or found on popular search engines as Google.

TU Delft Repository holds 49.700 objects, containing the following types:

Source: February 2016

Grand total TU Delft and hosted repositories

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