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What is TU Delft Repository of Conference Proceedings

TU Delft Conference Proceedings is a digital source of papers that have been presented during conferences organized through or by a department or a faculty of the TU Delft. Many current conference papers offered on websites or DVDs are lost after a while or are poorly accessible. A lot of information gets lost in this way and is difficult to reproduce. In TU Delft Conference Proceedings repository you can, as an organizer of a conference, archive the papers by using a set of metadata.

Upload of conference publications

You can opt for depositing the papers as "Open Access" so that anyone interested can access the material. Alternatively you can opt that the material is available only within the TU Delft network (campus only). Limitations in the copyright sometimes do not allow Open Access option.

The upload procedure consists of two steps. Initially you will have to fill in the unique name of your conference, together with a few other fields. After the processing of this submission within three working days you will be able to upload individual conference papers. There is no limitation in the number of uploaded conference papers.

Network of TU Delft Repositories

TU Delft Conference Proceedings makes part of a growing number of repositories where output of the TU Delft is safely stored and disseminated.

If you would like to add contributions in a retrospective way or prefer a customized appointment please contact the team TU Repository via repository-lib@tudelft.nl

Reuse of material

Publication details and full texts from the Conference papers may be reproduced or published in any medium or processed and reused on condition of the proper name and source and referring to the URL and name of the database with exception for those papers which are labeled as campus only.

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