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(in search results and metadata view you can use click-through search fields)
(search examples using TNO repository)

Simple search examples

groundwater (execute)
groundwater quality (execute) Searches for: groundwater AND quality
groundwater OR quality (execute) Searches for: groundwater OR quality
"groundwater quality negotiation" (execute)
temminghoff (execute)
"temminghoff e.j.m." (execute)

Advanced search examples

Author search

creator:temminghoff (execute)
creator:"temminghoff e.j.m." (execute)
creator:"van riemsdijk" (execute)

Keyword search

subject:sustainability (execute)
subject:"sustainable development" (execute)

Title search

title:groundwater (execute)
title:"groundwater mass transport" (execute)

Year search

year:2016 (execute)
year:2016 OR year:2017 (execute)

Source search

source:"tu delft" (execute)

Combination of search terms

("groundwater quality" OR "sustainable development") AND innovation (execute)
creator:temminghoff title:groundwater (execute)