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How to upload a report:

Please use the following guidelines when uploading:

Author (called creator) Enter surname, initials and optional surname prefix eg. Leeuwe   J.   De. 
When no author is known fill in Anonymus   N.N.
Contributor When reports are produced in the framework of an official advisory group, such a group is often called after the chairman (e.g. commissie Veerman, commissie Boertien). You can place the name of this chairman in this field
Summary (called Description) Preferably not more than 400 words; avoid symbols, subscripts, etc.
Keyword (called subject) Your own choice of keywords
Classification Use a term from the list of possible classifications; when there is no appropriate classification send an e-mail to mail@dicea.nl in order to add a term
DOI Digital object identifier, fill in only if applicable
Issue date If no month or day is known, fill in the first of the month (so when only the year 1963 is known, fill in 1963-01-01)
Embargo date Leave blank if applicable
Language Select language
Publisher Check the list of publisher names.
Source Place here the report number, eg. wwkz93-021
Latitude, Longitude Enter the location of the study in decimal degrees. You may find the coordinates for example using Google Earth (set in "extra", "options" and select "decimal degrees". Only enter the location when the study really focuses on that location (so for lab-research do not enter the location of the lab). Also entering a location is not useful when the area is too large; so when the study focuses on the United States, do not enter the coordinates of the USA.
Project Check the list of project names. Please use the exact spelling from the project list (including commas, etc.; otherwise searching is not possible). Contact mail@dicea.nl for changes to the list. If no project is known, select a dash ("-")
Submitter e-mail Your e-mail, is only used for internal reference, will not be displayed in the repository
Comment You can enter any comments to the Repository Admin Team here
Rights Place here the name of the copyright holder (start with © [ALT0169])
Origin Select the source of the digital object (eg. TU Delft if it is a scan from a report in TU stocks, Rijkswaterstaat if it comes from the RWS intranet or Deltares when it is uploaded from the WL-Delft database

By double clicking in a field you get a list of often used terms in this field.