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DissertationModernisation Strategy for National Irrigation Systems in the Philippines: Balanac and Sta. Maria River Irrigation Systems Delos Reyes, M.L.F. ·
DissertationMetal Removal and Recovery from Mining Wastewater and E-Waste Leachate Janyasuthiwong, S. ·
DissertationBioreduction of selenite and tellurite by Phanerochaete chrysosporium Espinosa‐Ortiz, E.J. ·
DissertationEffect of sulphide on enhanced biological phosphorus removal Rubio Rincon, F.J. ·
DissertationHydraulic and Operational Performance of Irrigation Schemes in View of Water Saving and Sustainability: Sugar estates and Community Managed schemes in Ethiopia Dejen, Z.A. ·
DissertationSustainable Use of Land and Water under Rainfed and Deficit Irrigation Conditions in Ogun-Osun River Basin, Nigeria Adeboye, O.B. ·
DissertationPathogen removal using saturated sand columns supplemented with hydrochar Chung, J.W. ·
DissertationWater Productivity of Sunflower under Different Irrigation Regimes at Gezira Clay Soil, Sudan Elsheikh, E.R.A. ·
DissertationSubsurface Drainage of Valley Bottom Irrigated Rice Schemes in Tropical Savannah: Case Studies of Tiefora and Moussodougou in Burkina Faso Keïta, A. ·
DissertationDynamics in Organic Matter Processing, Ecosystem Metabolism and Trophic Sources for Consumers in the Mara River, Kenya Masese, F.O. ·