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DissertationDeveloping an Impact-Based Combined Drought Index for Monitoring Crop Yield Anomalies in the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia Bayissa, Y.A. ·
DissertationParticipatory and Collaborative Modelling; Key to Sustainable and Inclusive Development: Strengthening Stakeholder Ownership for Informed and Participatory Water Resources Management Basco Carrera, L. ·
DissertationNovel bioremediation processes for treatment of seleniferous soils and sediment Wadgaonkar, S.L. ·
DissertationMetal recovery from electronic waste: Biological versus chemical leaching for copper and gold recovery Işıldar, A. ·
DissertationOptimization of the electron donor supply to sulphate reducing bioreactors treating inorganic wastewater Reyes Alvarado, L.C. ·
DissertationTreatment of petroleum refinery wastewater with constructed wetlands Mustapha, H.I. ·
DissertationModelling and analysis of fine sediment transport in wave-current bottom boundary layer ZUO, L. ·
DissertationSediments in the Tema Harbour (Ghana): chemical pollution and sedimentation rates Botwe, B.O. ·
DissertationAnaerobic oxidation of methane coupled to the reduction of different sulfur compounds as electron acceptors in bioreactors Cassarini, C. ·
DissertationAnaerobic treatment of mine wastewater for the removal of selenate and its co-contaminants Tan, L.C. ·