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Jiang, Bo (author), Ghaderi, M. (author), Bossche, A. (author), Visser, Jaco H. (author), Wolfenbuttel, R.F. (author)
Thermal impedance spectroscopy has been investigated as a non-destructive technique to determine the composition of ternary mixtures of biofuels. The principle of the thermal conductivity detector has been extended for measuring both the thermal conductivity and the thermal capacity of biofuel in the range between 1 to 100 Hz, using an AC...
conference paper 2017
Middelburg, L.M. (author), de Graaf, G. (author), Ghaderi, M. (author), Bossche, A. (author), Bastemeijer, J. (author), Visser, J.H. (author), Soltis, R.E. (author), Wolfenbuttel, R.F. (author)
The optical absorption of water-containing bio-fuel is investigated as a parameter to determine the gasoline content of this fuel. Optical measurements reveal that gasoline shows an interesting and useful spectrum with typical absorption behavior in the UV range between 230 and 300 nm. This result indicates that significant information can be...
journal article 2016