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Kats, L.C. (author), Visser, E. (author)
Software platforms such as the Java Virtual Machine or the CLR .NET virtual machine have their own ecosystem of a core programming language or instruction set, libraries, and developer community. Programming languages can target multiple software platforms to increase interoperability or to boost performance. Introducing a new compiler backend...
report 2010
Sloane, A.M. (author), Kats, L.C.L. (author), Visser, E. (author)
This paper is a pre-print of: Anthony M. Sloane, Lennart C. L. Kats, Eelco Visser. A Pure Object-Oriented Embedding of Attribute Grammars. In T. Ekman and J. Vinju, editors, Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Language Descriptions, Tools, and Applications (LDTA’09), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. York, United Kingdom, March...
report 2009