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Vermeer, K.A. (author), Lo, B. (author), Zhou, Q. (author), Vos, F.M. (author), Vossepoel, A.M. (author), Lemij, H.G. (author)
Monitoring glaucoma patients and ensuring optimal treatment requires accurate and precise detection of progression. Many glaucomatous progression detection strategies may be formulated for Scanning Laser Polarimetry (SLP) data of the local nerve fiber thickness. In this paper, several strategies, all based on repeated GDx VCC SLP measurements,...
journal article 2011
Van de Giessen, M. (author), Streekstra, G.J. (author), Strackee, S.D. (author), Maas, M. (author), Grimbergen, K.A. (author), Van Vliet, L.J. (author), Vos, F.M. (author)
Comparing wrist shapes of different individuals requires alignment of these wrists into the same pose. Unconstrained registration of the carpal bones results in anatomically nonfeasible wrists. In this paper, we propose to constrain the registration using the shapes of adjacent bones, by keeping the width of the gap between adjacent bones...
journal article 2009