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Ishihara, R. (author), Baiano, A. (author), Chen, T. (author), Derakhshandeh, J. (author), Tajari Mofrad, M.R. (author), Danesh, M. (author), Saputra, N. (author), Long, J. (author), Beenakker, C.I.M. (author)
Single-grain Si TFTs have been fabricated using accurate 2D location control of large Si grain with the ?-Czochralski process. TFTs fabricated inside the crystalline islands of 6 ?m show a mobility (600cm2/Vs) as high as that of the SOI counterpart, despite of the low-temperature (<350oC) process. By applying a tensile stress into the grain, the...
journal article 2009
Ishihara, R. (author), Chen, T. (author), Baiano, A. (author), Mofrad, M.R. (author), Beenakker, C.I.M. (author)
We review our recent achievements in location-control of Ge grains and high performance single-grain (SG) Ge thin film transistor (TFT) fabricated inside a Ge grain. Large Ge grains having a grain size of 10 µm were obtained at predetermined positions by the µ-Czochralski process using excimer-laser and sputtered a-Ge layer. TFTs were fabricated...
journal article 2011