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Chen, J. (author), Weihs, Daphne (author), van Dijk, Marcel (author), Vermolen, F.J. (author)
Cell migration plays an essential role in cancer metastasis. In cancer invasion through confined spaces, cells must undergo extensive deformation, which is a capability related to their metastatic potentials. Here, we simulate the deformation of the cell and nucleus during invasion through a dense, physiological microenvironment by developing...
journal article 2018
Chen, J. (author), Weihs, Daphne (author), Vermolen, F.J. (author)
Cell migration, known as an orchestrated movement of cells, is crucially important for wound healing, tumor growth, immune response as well as other biomedical processes. This paper presents a cell-based model to describe cell migration in non-isotropic fibrin networks around pancreatic tumor islets. This migration is determined by the...
journal article 2017