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Mavridis, P. (author), Huang, Owen (author), Qiu, S. (author), Gadiraju, Ujwal (author), Bozzon, A. (author)
Conversational interfaces can facilitate human-computer interactions. Whether or not conversational interfaces can improve worker experience and work quality in crowdsourcing marketplaces has remained unanswered. We investigate the suitability of text-based conversational interfaces for microtask crowdsourcing. We designed a rigorous...
conference paper 2019
Huang, Owen (author)
Human Computation (HC) has established itself to be a powerful tool for carrying out certain simple and repetitive tasks in the form of microtasks, which to this day are still difficult for a machine to automate. <br/>With the latest increase in interest in machine learning, HC has similarly gotten more attention as a popular way to acquire...
master thesis 2018