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Chen, Yong (author), Lv, Maolong (author), Baldi, S. (author), Liu, Zongcheng (author), Zhang, Wenqian (author), Zhou, Yang (author)
This work focuses on adaptive neural dynamic surface control (DSC) for an extended class of nonlinear MIMO strict-feedback systems whose control gain functions are continuous and possibly unbounded. The method is based on introducing a compact set which is eventually proved to be an invariant set: thanks to this set, the restrictive...
conference paper 2019
Zhou, Bingyu (author), Satyavada, Harish (author), Baldi, S. (author)
In this paper, an adaptive control scheme for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) path following under slowly time-varying wind is developed. The proposed control strategy integrates the path following law based on the vector field method with an adaptive term counteracting the effect of wind's unknown component. In particular, it is shown that...
conference paper 2017