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Duarte Pinto, S.C. (author), Ortega, R (author), Ritzau, S. (author), Pasquale, D (author), Laprade, B. (author), Mrotek, S. (author), Gardell, S. (author), Zhou, Z. (author), Plomp, J. (author), van Eijck, L. (author), Bilheux, H. (author), Dhiman, I. (author)
A neutron imaging detector based on neutron-sensitive microchannel plates (mcps) was constructed and tested at beamlines of thermal and cold neutrons. The mcps are made of a glass mixture containing 10B and natural Gd, which makes the bulk of the mcp an efficient neutron converter. Contrary to the neutron-sensitive scintillator screens normally...
conference paper 2017