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Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Van der Veen, C. (author), De Boer, A. (author)
The shear problem is typically studied by testing small, heavily reinforced, slender beams subjected to concentrated loads, resulting in a beam shear failure, or by testing slab-column connections, resulting in a punching shear failure. Slabs subjected to concentrated loads close to supports, as occurring when truck loads are placed on slab...
conference paper 2014
Lukovic, M. (author), Schlangen, H.E.J.G. (author), Ye, G. (author), Savija, B. (author)
Surface roughness of the existing concrete substrate was considered to have the greatest impact on the bond strength in repair systems. However, the influence of this parameter has been subject for debates in recent years. The effect of concrete surface roughness is not quite clear, nor there exist a clear relation between the surface roughness...
conference paper 2013