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Burcharth, H.F. (author), Liu, Z. (author), Jenssen, M.S. (author), Van der Meer, J.W. (author), D' Angremond, K. (author)
The paper presents a design formula for Tetrapod armour on a 1:1.5 slope exposed to head-on random wave attack The formula predicts the relative number of broken Tetrapods as function of: the mass of the Tetrapods, the concrete tensile strength and the wave height in front of the structure. Thus, the formula addresses the observed problem of...
report 1995
Burcharth, H.F. (author), Liu, Z. (author)
The rational design diagram for Dolos armour should incorporate both the hydraulic stability and the structural integrity. The previous tests performed by Aalborg University made available such design diagram for the trunk of Dolos breakwater without superstructures (Burcharth et al 1992). To extend the design diagram to cover Dolos breakwaters...
report 1994