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Liu, X.L. (author)
Graphene is an exceptionally thin semiconductor that consists of only one atomic layer of carbon atoms. The electrons in graphene live in a strictly two-dimensional (2D) world. In addition to this remarkable 2Dness, it is also peculiar that the behavior of the electrons in graphene is governed by the Dirac equation rather than the well known...
doctoral thesis 2010
Akopian, N. (author), Van Weert, M. (author), Van Kouwen, M. (author), Algra, R. (author), Liu, L. (author), Patriarche, G. (author), Harmand, J.C. (author), Bakkers, E. (author), Kouwenhoven, L. (author), Zwiller, V. (author)
In this paper we present our recent developments in control and manipulation of individual spins and photons in a single nanowire quantum dot. Specific examples include demonstration of optical excitation of single spin states, charge tunable quantum devices and single photon sources. We will also discuss our recent discovery of a new type of...
conference paper 2010
Harmand, J.C. (author), Liu, L. (author), Patriarche, G. (author), Tchernycheva, M. (author), Akopian, N. (author), Perinetti, U. (author), Zwiller, V. (author)
The catalyst-assisted growth of semiconductor nanowires heterostructures offers a very flexible way to design and fabricate single photon emitters. The nanowires can be positioned by organizing the catalyst prior to growth. Single quantum dots can be formed in the core of single nanowires which can then be easily isolated and addressed to...
conference paper 2009