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Sarri, Alkyoni (author)
The building and construction sector play a key role in achieving a sustainable development. In European countries, buildings are responsible for 40-45% of energy consumption, leading to significant amounts of CO2 emissions. The implementation of reusable structures lead to less waste and harmful emissions to the environment. The main purpose of...
master thesis 2019
Kozma, AndrĂ¡s (author), Odenbreit, Christoph (author), Braun, Matthias (author), Veljkovic, M. (author), Nijgh, M.P. (author)
Circular Economy refers to a move from linear business models, in which products are manufactured from raw materials, used and then discarded, to circular business models where products or parts are re-used, remanufactured or recycled. Structural steel is highly compatible with this concept; however, when steel-concrete composite structures are...
journal article 2019
Wang, Sihao (author), He, Jun (author), Liu, Yuqing (author), Li, Chuanxi (author), Xin, H. (author)
Composite girder with corrugated steel web is one of the promising concrete-steel hybrid structures with superior properties and cost effectiveness widely applied in highway and railway bridges. The connection between concrete slabs and corrugated steel web is an important part of such composite structure. In order to improve pouring quality...
journal article 2018