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Fatemi, S.A. (author), Jansen, J.D. (author), Rossen, W.R. (author)
An enhanced-oil-recovery pilot test has multiple goals, among them to verify the properties of the EOR agent in situ. Given the complexity of EOR processes and the inherent uncertainty in the reservoir description, it is a challenge to discern the properties of the EOR agent in situ. We present a simple case study to illustrate this challenge: a...
conference paper 2015
Namdar Zanganeh, M. (author), Kraaijevanger, J.F.B.M. (author), Buurman, H.W. (author), Jansen, J.D. (author), Rossen, W.R. (author)
We apply adjoint-based optimization to a Surfactant-Alternating-Gas foam process using a linear foam model introducing gradual changes in gas mobility and a nonlinear foam model giving abrupt changes in gas mobility as function of oil and water saturations and surfactant concentration. For the linear foam model, the objective function is a...
conference paper 2012