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Meijer, F.M. (author), Visscher, H.J. (author)
Electronic customer related services of governments have expanded enormously. In many regulatory domains the use of ICT services has become common property. This applies also to the field of building regulations. Main theme of this paper is the possibility to apply online for a building permit. The developments in 18 European countries are being...
conference paper 2009
Visscher, H.J. (author), Meijer, F.M. (author)
Systems of building control have a long history. Technical regulations and control seems to be the subject of an ongoing debate between, on the one hand, those in favour of deregulation and reducing the administrative burden and, on the other hand, new quality demands that require government intervention. Currently in the Netherlands, both sides...
conference paper 2008
Visscher, H.J. (author), Sheridan, L. (author), Meijer, F.M. (author)
conference paper 2005