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Litvinov, D.A. (author), Bach, U. (author), Bartel, N. (author), Belousov, K.G. (author), Bietenholz, M. (author), Biriukov, A.V. (author), Cimo, G (author), Duev, D. A. (author), Gurvits, L. (author), Gusev, A.V. (author), Haas, R (author), Kauts, V.L. (author), Kanevsky, B.Z. (author), Kovalenko, A.V. (author), Kronschnabl, G (author), Kulagin, V.V. (author), Lindqvist, Maria (author), Molera Calves, G (author), Neidhardt, A. (author), Plotz, C. (author), Pogrebenko, S. V. (author), Porayko, N.K. (author), Rudenko, V.N. (author), Sokolovsky, K. V. (author), Smirnov, A.I. (author), Stepanyants, V.A. (author), Yang, J. (author), Zakhvatkin, M.V. (author)
A test of a cornerstone of general relativity, the gravitational redshift effect, is currently being conducted with the RadioAstron spacecraft, which is on a highly eccentric orbit around Earth. Using ground radio telescopes to record the spacecraft signal, synchronized to its ultra-stable on-board H-maser, we can probe the varying flow of time...
conference paper 2016