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Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Yang, Y. (author), van der Veen, C. (author), Hordijk, D.A. (author), De Boer, Ane (author)
As the existing bridge stock is aging, improved assessment methods such as proof load testing become increasingly important. Proof load testing involves large loads, and as such the risk for the structure and personnel can be significant. To capture the structural response, extensive measurements are applied to proof load tests. Stop criteria,...
conference paper 2018
Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Koekkoek, R.T. (author), Yang, Y. (author), van der Veen, C. (author), de Boer, A. (author), Hordijk, D.A. (author)
Proof load testing can be a suitable method to show that a bridge can carry the required loads from the code without distress. This paper addresses the preparation, execution, and analysis of a proof load test on a four-span reinforced concrete solid slab bridge, viaduct de Beek. The bridge has one lane in each direction, but was restricted to a...
conference paper 2017
Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Yang, Y. (author), Tersteeg, R.H.D. (author), van der Veen, C. (author), de Boer, A (author)
Proof loading of bridges is an option to study existing bridges when crucial information is lacking. When proof loading is chosen, the question arises which maximum load should be attained during the test to demonstrate sufficient capacity, and which criteria, the “stop criteria”, based on the measurements during the test, would indicate that...
conference paper 2016