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Leung, Ranee (author), Zhou, Yixiao (author), Rodríguez Salcedo, Cristian (author), von Meijenfeldt, Charlotte (author), van Marrewijk, Franka (author)
Governments and private and non-profit organisations from international to local levels have acknowledged the idea that more sustainable systems are required to reduce our ecological footprint (WWF, 2016, Jonkhoff, 2012). The food system is a very important aspect within our lives, socially as well as economically but it is also one of the most...
student report 2018
Zhou, Yanxin (author)
The application of non-linear finite element analysis is important nowadays to simulate the real behavior of structure. A sort of non-linear finite element analysis with and without safety formats referring to Model Code 2010 is applied in this thesis, to study the FEM simulation of the shear capacity of reinforced concrete structure. A case...
student report 2017
Van der Ham, M. (author), Kalogianni, E. (author), Lam, M. (author), Sileryte, R. (author), Zhou, K. (author), Van der Spek, S.C. (author), Verbree, E. (author), Valks, B. (author)
This Geomatics project was carried out in commission of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Geofort Herwijnen and Facility Management of TU Delft. The research project and this report deliver important fundamental information for scientific/academic paper on Wifi tracking
student report 2014