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De Deckere, M.P. (author)
Cities face challenges protecting their population from high air temperatures. In the coming century cities tend to become warmer as a consequence of global warming exacerbating the urban heat island. This affects the livability of neighbourhoods with negative effects for the population. The urban heat island is the phenomenon where the city...
master thesis 2016
Lu, P. (author)
Spatial planning is increasingly being considered as an important mechanism in coping with flood risk due to climate change. One of the reasons for this is that engineering approaches are increasingly expensive and cannot provide complete certainty of protection against climate-related floods. The thesis examines whether and how spatial planning...
doctoral thesis 2014
Lee, S.H. (author)
Port city on the Dutch delta has a number of challenges from several factors such as climate change, decline of port economy and degrade spatial quality by the industrial harbour. In urban and regional planning, the future climate and port change are one of the great challenges because of their uncertainty. The port condition can be changed in...
master thesis 2012