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Chen, Yuan (author)
The current situation with green gas emission requires the development of low carbon energy solutions. However, a significant part of the modern energy industry still relies on fossil fuels. To combine these two contradictory targets, we investigate a strategy based on a combination of CO2 sequestration with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in the...
master thesis 2018
Yin, F. (author), Gangoli Rao, A. (author), Bhat, Abhishek (author), Chen, Min (author)
This paper presents the performance assessment of a novel turbofan engine using two energy sources: Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and kerosene, called Multi-Fuel Hybrid Engine (MFHE). The MFHE is a new engine concept consisting of several novel features, such as a contra-rotating fan to sustain distortion caused by boundary layer ingestion, a...
journal article 2018
Zhang, Fan (author), Chen, Y. (author), Goni Ros, B. (author), GAO, Jian (author), Knoop, V.L. (author)
Traffic congestion leads to delays and increased carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Traffic management measures such as providing information on environmental route costs have been proposed to mitigate congestion. Multi-criteria routing dynamic traffic assignment (MCR-DTA) models are needed to evaluate the effectiveness of such measures. This paper...
conference paper 2016