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Kidambi Sekar, A.P. (author)
For the purpose of flow analysis, the blade of a horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) can be divided into the root, mid and the tip regions. The flow in the root region is very complex and is affected due to the rotation of the blade and separation due to the presence of very thick airfoil sections and the higher angle of attacks. Hence, a...
master thesis 2016
Smit, J. (author)
master thesis 2013
Paul, A.J. (author)
Background: As the installation of offshore wind farms continues to increase, the need to optimize on costs involved is a constant factor in the industry. In this regard, research into the two-bladed rotor has garnered some interest in the recent past, to see if the optimum cost can be shifted in the favor of the two-bladed wind turbine....
master thesis 2010