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Flyvbjerg, Bent (author), Ansar, Atif (author), Budzier, Alexander (author), Buhl, Søren (author), Cantarelli, Chantal (author), Garbuio, Massimo (author), Glenting, Carsten (author), Holm, Mette Skamris (author), Lovallo, Dan (author), Lunn, Daniel (author), Molin, E.J.E. (author), Rønnest, Arne (author), Stewart, Allison (author), van Wee, G.P. (author)
This paper gives an overview of good and bad practice for understanding and curbing cost overrun in large capital investment projects, with a critique of Love and Ahiaga-Dagbui (2018) as point of departure. Good practice entails: (a) Consistent definition and measurement of overrun; in contrast to mixing inconsistent baselines, price levels,...
journal article 2018