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Zhao, L. (author), Botha, C.P. (author), Truyen, R. (author), Vos, F.M. (author), Post, F.H. (author)
Many computer aided diagnosis (CAD) schemes have been developed for colon cancer detection using Virtual Colonoscopy (VC). In earlier work, we developed an automatic polyp detection method integrating flow visualization techniques, that forms part of the CAD functionality of an existing Virtual Colonoscopy pipeline. Curvature streamlines were...
conference paper 2008
Serlie, I.W. (author), Vos, F.M. (author), Truyen, R. (author), Post, F.H. (author), Van Vliet, L.J. (author)
A fully automated method is presented to classify 3-D CT data into material fractions. An analytical scale-invariant description relating the data value to derivatives around Gaussian blurred step edges—arch model—is applied to uniquely combine robustness to noise, global signal fluctuations, anisotropic scale, noncubic voxels, and ease of use...
journal article 2007
Blaas, J. (author), Botha, C.P. (author), Majoie, C. (author), Nederveen, A. (author), Vos, F.M. (author), Post, F.H. (author)
The surgical removal of brain tumors can lead to functional impairment. Therefore it is crucial to minimize the damage to important functional areas during surgery. These areas can be mapped before surgery by using functional MRI. However, functional impairment is not only caused by damage to these areas themselves. It is also caused by damage...
conference paper 2007