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Bodde, W.P. (author), Pomeroy, A.W.M. (author), Van Dongeren, A.R. (author), Lowe, R. (author), van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. (author)
Coral reefs are highly valuable ecosystems, which are under an increasing number of environmental pressures. Sedimentation and sediment transport patterns are among key physical drivers of coral reefs, so it is important to improve our understanding of these poorly studied dynamics on reefs. To this purpose, flume experiments were performed on a...
conference paper 2014
Bodde, W.P. (author)
Coral reefs are highly valuable structures in many respects and it is increasingly important to understand hydrodynamics and morphodynamics around reefs to be able to better protect them and their hinterland. Flume experiments were performed on a scaled fringing reef in the laboratory facilities of Deltares in Delft. The objective of this thesis...
master thesis 2013