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Mullakkal-Babu, F.A. (author), Wang, M. (author), Farah, H. (author), van Arem, B. (author), Happee, R. (author)
Safety measurement and analysis have been a challenging and well-researched topic in transportation. Conventionally, surrogate safety measures have been used as safety indicators in simulation models for safety assessment, in control formulations for driver assistance systems, and in data analysis of naturalistic driving studies. However,...
conference paper 2017
Mullakkal Babu, F.A. (author), Wang, M. (author), van Arem, B. (author), Happee, R. (author)
Current Full Range Adaptive Cruise Control (FRACC) systems switch between separate adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems. This can lead to jerky responses and discomfort during the transition between the two control modes. We propose a Full Range Adaptive Cruise Control (FRACC) design integrating adaptive cruise control and...
conference paper 2016
Shyrokau, B. (author), Loof, J. (author), Stroosma, O. (author), Wang, M. (author), Happee, R. (author)
The steering behaviour in a driving simulator has a significant influence on a driving realism. This study investigates the influence of the complexity of a steering-system model on the subjective assessment of truck steering feel in on-centre handling. Ten subjects drove a highway task with and without lateral wind disturbance with 4 steering...
conference paper 2015