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Cheng, Long (author), Wang, Ying (author), Pei, Yulong (author), Epema, D.H.J. (author)
Efficient execution of distributed database operators such as joining and aggregating is critical for the performance of big data analytics. With the increase of the compute speedup of modern CPUs, reducing the network<br/>communication time of these operators in large systems is becoming increasingly important, and also challenging current...
conference paper 2017
Lindenbergh, R.C. (author), Berthold, D. (author), Sirmacek, B. (author), Herrero-Huerta, M. (author), Wang, J. (author), Ebersbach, D. (author)
In urbanized Western Europe trees are considered an important component of the built-up environment. This also means that there is an increasing demand for tree inventories. Laser mobile mapping systems provide an efficient and accurate way to sample the 3D road surrounding including notable roadside trees. Indeed, at, say, 50 km/h such systems...
conference paper 2015