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Ten Veldhuis, J.A.E. (author), Ochoa-Rodriguez, S. (author), Gires, A. (author), Van Assel, J. (author), Ichiba, A. (author), Kroll, S. (author), Wang, L. (author), Tchiguirinskaia, I. (author), Schertzer, D. (author), Willems, P. (author)
In this study high resolution precipitation data are used, derived from polarimetric X-band radar at 100 m, 1 min resolution. The data are used to study the impact of different space-time resolutions of rainfall input on urban hydrodynamic modelling response for 9 storms, in 7 urban catchments. The results show that hydrodynamic response...
conference paper 2015
Ochoa-Rodriguez, S. (author), Wang, L.P. (author), Gires, A. (author), Pina, R.D. (author), Reinoso-Rondinel, R. (author), Bruni, G. (author), Ichiba, A. (author), Gaitan, S. (author), Cristiano, E. (author), Van Assel, J. (author), Kroll, S. (author), Murla-Tuyls, D. (author), Tisserand, B. (author), Schertzer, D. (author), Tchiguirinskaia, I. (author), Onof, C. (author), Willems, P. (author), Ten Veldhuis, M.C. (author)
Urban catchments are typically characterised by high spatial variability and fast runoff processes resulting in short response times. Hydrological analysis of such catchments requires high resolution precipitation and catchment information to properly represent catchment response. This study investigated the impact of rainfall input resolution...
journal article 2015
Ten Veldhuis, J.A.E. (author), Ochoa-Rodriguez, S. (author), Bruni, G. (author), Gires, A. (author), Van Assel, J. (author), Ichaba, A. (author), Kroll, S. (author), Wang, L.P. (author), Tchiguirinskaia, I. (author), Giangola Murzyn, A. (author), Richard, J. (author), Schertzer, D. (author), Willems, P. (author)
Precipitation and catchment information needs to be available at high resolution to reliably predict hydrological response and potential flooding in urban catchments. While recent advances have been made in weather radar technology and availability of DTM for urban flood modelling, the question is whether these are sufficient to provide reliable...
conference paper 2014