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Van Schadewijk, F. (author)
Research into a more sustainable TU Delft campus. This document contains a presentation for an ecologically sustainable campus centre for the TU Delft. The aim of the design was the creation of an attractive study environment, while at the same time strengthening the ecological quality of the surrounding area. The building takes into account the...
master thesis 2011
Beijer, J.H.E. (author)
‘the metropolis and five stages of modernity’ is an explorative research on contemporary ecologies and the historic (re)-emergence of public domain, infrastructure and urban form in Los Angeles
master thesis 2013
Habostad, Petter (author)
The project acts as a way to bring production back to the city as a part of everyday life in the year 2050, in a time when industry has become individualised as a result of the fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, additive manufacturing (3D-printing) makes it possible to produce just about anything; from shoes and textiles to...
master thesis 2018