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Zeitouny, M.G. (author), Cui, M. (author), Janssen, A.J. (author), Bhattacharya, N. (author), Van den Berg, S.A. (author), Urbach, H.P. (author)
We investigate general properties of the interferograms from a frequency comb laser in a non-linear dispersive medium. The focus is on interferograms at large delay distances and in particular on their broadening, the fringe formation and shape. It is observed that at large delay distances the interferograms spread linearly and that its shape is...
journal article 2011
Cui, M. (author), Zeitouny, M.G. (author), Bhattacharya, N. (author), Van den Berg, S.A. (author), Urbach, H.P. (author), Braat, J.J.M. (author)
We experimentally demonstrate that a femtosecond frequency comb laser can be applied as a tool for longdistance measurement in air. Our method is based on the measurement of cross correlation between individual pulses in a Michelson interferometer. From the position of the correlation functions, distances of up to 50 m have been measured. We...
journal article 2009