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Song, C. (author), Huang, B. (author), Richards, K. (author), Ke, L. (author), Phan Hien, V. (author)
ccelerated lake expansion in the 2000s has been confirmed by both dramatic lake-area increases (for 312 lakes larger than 10 km2) derived from optical images, and rapid water-level rises (for 117 lakes with water-level data) measured by satellite altimetry. However, the underlying climate causes remain unclear. This paper analyzes the...
journal article 2014
Huang, F. (author), Xia, Z. (author), Li, F. (author), Guo, L. (author), Yang, F. (author)
Hydrological changes of the Irtysh River were analyzed concerning the changes of annual runoff and its distribution features within a year measured by coefficient of variation and concentration degree. Abrupt changes were detected by the heuristic segmentation method. Possible causes of the hydrological changes were investigated considering...
journal article 2012