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Schwab, A.L. (author), Dialynas, G. (author), Happee, R. (author)
The bicycle, being unstable at low speed and marginally stable at high speed, is sensitive to lateral perturbations. One of the major lateral perturbations is crosswind, which can lead to accidents and fatalities. Here we investigate the effect of crosswind on the lateral dynamics and control of the bicycle in a wide range of forward speeds and...
conference paper 2018
De Jong, P.H. (author)
The design of the ordinary bicycle has barely changed since the end of the 19th century. Until then it evolved to a well ridable machine with no need for further drastic modifications. However, around 2011 it was shown that, just like an ordinary bicycle, strange appearing designs could also be stable. One of these designs was a bicycle that...
master thesis 2017
Bos, J.A. (author)
Installed wind power world wide is increasing rapidly. The increase in wind power in the European electricity grid is expected to have its impact on the system behaviour. A European study, European Wind Integration Study (EWIS), was thus set up to study the impact of wind power. This thesis was carried out in parallel with EWIS and overlaps at...
master thesis 2008