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Steenis, L. (author)
What if you mix (indoor) gaming with outdoor play? Nowadays children spend much more time indoor instead of outside, playing with friends. Outdoor play is good for both physical as mental development of children, and this problem was the foundation of this design project. Two years ago the idea was risen by Auke Ferwerda to develop an outdoor...
master thesis 2010
Heikamp, A. (author)
The assignment of this graduation project was to investigate the current interaction strategies of the pediatric oncology nursing staff in challenging situations on the pediatric oncology unit. Which interaction problems exist on the pediatric oncology unit? And which interaction strategies between the pediatric oncology nursing staff and...
master thesis 2013
Ten Brug, L.F. (author)
Double Degree: Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and the Built Environment / Urbanism AND Faculty of Applied Sciences / Science ommunication. Obesity is appointed as a pressing 21st century public health threat by the World health organization. Current sedentary behaviour in Western society is key in fast spread of the obesity epidemic. Children...
master thesis 2017