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Van Rijn, H. (author)
This master thesis shows the design process of LINKX, a language toy for children with a disorder in the spectrum of autism. Children with autism have an inborn brain disorder and therefore play and learn differently than children with 'typical' development. Language and speech of children with autism develops slowly or not at all. These...
master thesis 2007
Bakayan, H. (author)
The occupations and the society of the future will be different than that of today. With occupations the general interaction forms are being meant. Occupations will focus on problem solving, Internet of Things and IT. Virtual Reality and 3D printing will be more embedded in people’s life. The occupations of the future will change the way...
master thesis 2016
Tietze, Tim (author)
This graduation report aimed towards the vision „ Transform the needs of the minority into the wishes of the majority“. Children with physical disabilities face the issue to be excluded from the toy world of the able-bodied children. Toys with small buttons, heavyweight or the need of two hands for operating are examples which let children with...
master thesis 2019