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Lauwerier, P.E.L. (author)
Childhood obesity is a global health concern. Numerous societal changes have dramatically reduced the amount of energy children burn, while expanding the number of calories they consume. Childhood obesity is increasingly recognized as a global health problem and measures are being taken throughout the world. An important direction for preventive...
master thesis 2009
Van Haneghem, R. (author)
Obesity is a growing problem among children. They seem to eat less healthy and live a sedentary lifestyle. Children who are overweight have troubles during sport, can get depressed and suffer more consequences. But are they really to blame? The parents of these children have the responsibly of keeping their children healthy. However some parents...
master thesis 2011
Ten Brug, L.F. (author)
Double Degree: Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and the Built Environment / Urbanism AND Faculty of Applied Sciences / Science ommunication. Obesity is appointed as a pressing 21st century public health threat by the World health organization. Current sedentary behaviour in Western society is key in fast spread of the obesity epidemic. Children...
master thesis 2017