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Lee, D. (author), Pietrzyk, P. (author), Donkers, S. (author), Liem, V. (author), van Oostveen, J. (author), Montazeri, S. (author), Boeters, R. (author), Colin, J. (author), Kastendeuch, P. (author), Nerry, F. (author), Menenti, M. (author), Gorte, B.G.H. (author), Verbree, E. (author)
The impact of 3D geometry complexity on the accuracy of simulating radiative, convective and conductive fluxes in an urban canyon was explored. The research involved the collection of meteorological data in an urban canyon in the city of Strasbourg, France, for input into a 3D model called LASER/F, which simulates the aforementioned fluxes. The...
conference paper 2013
Boeters, R. (author), Donkers, S. (author), Lee, D.J. (author), Liem, V. (author), Montazeri, S. (author), van Oostveen, J. (author), Pietrzyk, P. (author)
The Geomatics Synthesis Project (GSP) was an eight-week culminating group project by seven second-year MSc. Geomatics students. The objective was to undertake group and fieldwork through a real-world project with an external organization. In association with Laboratoire des Sciences de L'Image Informatique et Teledetection (LSIIT) at the...
student report 2012